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April 2020
Saša Vasung

The training program is intended for all employees who have the need to solve complex problems by finding and eliminating causes on a daily basis, and is particularly useful for project managers, development engineers, quality controllers, technical support and people working in production, marketing and sales.

Ivana Štulić

The training program is intended for employees who are expected to approach problems on a daily basis and successfully reach their goals.

May 2020
Mladen Jančić, MSc, CMC

Anglo-Adria “Train the Trainer” program is designed for managers who are responsible for training of their employees, internal trainers and others who want to improve their knowledge in this field.

June 2020
Ivana Štulić

The programme is intended for project managers, heads of departments, business analysts and specialists from various organisational departments.

Ivana Štulić
Jasna Bratulić

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Nikola Nikšić, CMC

The training program is intended for managers, directors and board members.

July 2020
Marko Jurić

It is intended for anyone who uses the telephone as a sales channel.

Mladen Jančić, MSc, CMC

Training is intended for anyone who has recently come to the position of team leader or department manager and should organize the job and motivate others to achieve results. It is also intended for those who already lead people and want to reconsider and improve their leadership practice and have not had the chance for a structured acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed for long-term successful work after switching from an operative to a leadership function.

September 2020
Saša Vasung

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October 2020
Jasna Bratulić
Nikola Nikšić, CMC

The workshop is aimed towards:
a) owners and managers who wish to familiarize themselves about the basics of accounting and finance,
b) top and middle management of profit and not-for-profit organizations,
c) the management of non-financial departments (sales, marketing, purchasing, etc.) who wish to acquire basic knowledge in the fields of accounting and finance.

November 2020
Mladen Jančić, MSc, CMC

The training program is intended for everyone encounters on a daily basis business negotiation issues, sales and procurement employees, and those who want to improve internal bargaining (within the company).

Ivana Štulić
December 2020
Jasna Bratulić

The training program is intended for all levels of management, team and project managers and everyone who has taken over new functions, jobs and positions.


Nikola Nikšić, CMC

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