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April 2024
Mladen Jančić, MSc, CMC

The training program “Train the Trainer” is designed for managers who are responsible for the training of their employees, internal trainers and others who want to improve their knowledge in this field.

Mirela Saračević Trogrlić

This training is intended for HR managers, HR experts and department heads who want to improve the working environment, engagement and satisfaction of employees, strengthen organizational culture and employer branding. It is extremely useful for companies that are preparing or are currently undergoing transformation, rebranding and changing company values ​​and company culture.

The program is designed to combine the principles of Design Thinking methodology through a dynamic and interactive work model in order to explore, understand and improve each phase of the employee “journey” during the time spent in and with the organization.

Jasna Bratulić, MSc

The training program “Self-motivation – Where is my personal charger?” is intended for people who are aware of self-motivation, but they haven’t discovered it yet.

May 2024

The training program “Delegation” is intended for team leaders, department heads and members of senior management.

Monika Brkanac, MSc

The training program “Personal development and wellbeing” is intended for employees and managers from various industries who want to better manage their emotional states and learn how to bring themselves to a resourceful state by recognizing their strengths. During the training program, participants will learn to recognize strengths (resources) in other team members and how to use this knowledge as a motivational tool.

Mladen Jančić, MSc, CMC

The training program “Organized manager” is intended for team leaders and everyone who is responsible for directing and supporting others in their work.


The training program ” Personal Development – Setting and Realization Goals” is intended for directors, managers and heads of departments and teams who have a variety of business goals they need to accomplish day by day, those who create goals for their subordinates, and all those ambitious employees who want to successfully achieve their goals in a complex business environment.


June 2024

The training program “Situational Leadership” is designed for team leaders, heads of departments and company directors.

Tomislav Penavić

The training program “DISC: communication, motivation, behavior and conflict” is intended for those who work with people and who could use this knowledge and tools in their daily work. It could also be useful for managers in terms of a better and more adequate approach to people, communication, and understanding the motivation of employees. It is also intended for people who work in positions that involve contact and communication with a lot of people with different personalities.

Mladen Jančić, MSc, CMC

Jasna Bratulić, MSc

The training program  Leading remote teams helps leaders deal successfully with the current situation.  It also includes strategies to motivate and support employees, increase self-awareness and tools for increasing productivity.

Mirela Saračević Trogrlić

This training is ideal for everyone who wants to create solutions that are focused on end user needs – especially for those who like to combine knowledge and skills from different fields.

To everyone who is responsible for products, services, people or processes and wants to create something that will have real value for the end user (internal or external), this training will provide an excellent methodology and toolbox for creating innovative solutions based on real end user needs.

Monika Brkanac, MSc

The training program “Developing resilience in a world of change” is intended for employees who are interested in building their resilience in response to unpleasant situations, people and constant changes in the business environment.



Tomislav Penavić

This training “Values as the foundation of organizational culture and company success” is intended for people who create work culture and are in a position to understand and influence the ways of behavior and thinking of individuals and the entire collective within organizations. First of all, it can be very useful for HR practitioners who want to create certain prerequisites for changes and business optimization. The training is also useful for company owners who want to get to know each other and better understand the importance of values in business and the connection with general indicators of business success.


The training program “Psychology of Purchase” is intended for all people within the company who are responsible for the sales result, customer relations and product management: sales and marketing managers, brand managers, product managers, and people in contact with customers – retailers, sales representatives, key customer managers etc.

Jasna Bratulić, MSc

The training program “Personal development through mindfulness” is designed for employees who have a stressful job and would like to bear with it better, develop resilience, calmness and increase their productivity and focus.

July 2024
Mirela Saračević Trogrlić

Training is intended for employees from various sectors – including marketing, sales, customer service and product development. This intensive and dynamic training will enable participants to gain an understanding of customer experience and identify key points of contact with customers. Participants will master valuable tools and techniques for improving business processes and for increasing customer satisfaction.

Tomislav Penavić

This training “Employee engagement as a prerequisite for success” is intended for all employees who want to build the organization’s capacity for positive change and who have the responsibility and ability to influence the culture of the organization, as well as the attitude of employees. Amongst them are primarily HR Managers, but understanding this concept is very important for company owners too.

Jasna Bratulić, MSc

The training program “Stress Management” is intended for all employees, regardless of their position in the company, who are exposed to excessive stress on a daily basis and need to know how to manage it.


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