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Trainers and Associates

Sasa Vasung Anglo-Adria

Saša Vasung is a graduate of electrical and computing engineer. With more than 20 years of work experience, he has gone from software/system engineer and database administrator, through project manager and IT technical director to business development manager. He has had various roles in projects to implement large information systems in financial institutions, customs, oil, energy, trade, etc. He also has experience in consulting sales, which is the foundation of a modern and successful company.

Its core area of ​​interest is software engineering, project management and team management in developing business software solutions. During his career he has participated at many professional gatherings and conferences, and has held a series of lectures and presentations. His specific areas of interest are analysis, problem solving and making decisions. In his free time, he engages in sports (rowing, table tennis) and writing short stories.


Nikola is a Management Adviser (CMC) licensed at the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), an Authorized Certification Appraiser at EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) and an authorized accountant. Out of a total of 35 years of work experience in the country and abroad, he has worked for 24 years in managerial positions for strategy, finance, accounting and controlling. He has spent six years abroad in international projects and 12 years as a manager in companies owned by international groups.

He is engaged in management consulting, organization services, business economics and business education. As a guest lecturer, he occasionally holds lectures on business topics at VERN and the Financial Club at EFZG.

He is the winner of the “Primus” 2011 Award for Best Business Advisor in Croatia in the Area of ​​Strategic Management and Organizational Development.

Mladen has years of experience in leading positions in international companies (Kaufland, Generali, Basler). He graduated in 2005 at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and in 2006 he completed the Controlling Stufenprogramme at the Österreichisches Controller-Institute in Vienna and passed the exam for graduate financial controller. He obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Economics in Split.

He attended the IEDC Bled School of Management. He is an authorized internal auditor for banks, financial institutions and information systems and a certified consultant of HAMAG Consultants Network for the fields of business planning, finance, organization and business management. He is also a lecturer at the business school and a member of the Board of the Association of Croatian Controllers.

Mladen Jancic Anglo-Adria

Mladen is a founder of Anglo-Adria Management Consulting, a leading regional training consultancy where he works as a trainer,  coach and a speaker. His expertise is in the fields of sales, negotiation and leadership.  He holds a postgraduate degree in economics from London Metropolitan University, being also Harvard certified.

He gained his experience whilst working in the City of London for over 10 years, and in the SEE region during previous 15 years.  Over that period he led over 200 L&D programs, whilst conducting 900+ training workshops, in various sectors/industries.

He is a certified management consultant (at CMC and UNIDO), and a coach (at AoEC and EMCC).  Mladen is also a laureate of “Primus” – an award for the best management consultant in Croatia in the field of human resources, education and training. He is a columnist for the Croatian business magazine and a lecturer at the business academy.

He lives in Zagreb, with his wife and son.


Miran is a trainer, moderator and coach, who has been helping people and organizations achieve their goals for more than 25 years. If you want to be a leader, such as a manager, a coach, a presenter, Miran can help you become one, or to become a more efficient one. Miran is an andragogist and sociologist. Andragogy helps him understand how we adults learn and why, and sociology is for what takes place in groups and organizations and how to take advantage of it with Change Management.

He works mostly in Slovenia, but runs training programs in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria. His clients come from the economy sector, the public sector and non-governmental organizations. He is a member of the Society of Slovenian Moderators and author of several e-manuals.

Miodrag is a CMC (Certified Management Consultant) licensed at ICMCI. Since 2009, he is a professor and lecturer at LINK Business Academy in Serbia, and is a member of the Committee for Certification of business consultants of the National Agency for Regional Development (2011-2014). He is a senior expert in the German consultancy company GFA, where he conducted the EU project “Integrated Innovation Support Programme”, where dozens of coaching was held for many manufacturing companies. At Brighton University, UK, he obtained consultant certification in the field of innovation management. He is a guest lecturer at business meetings in the US: SBB (Small Business Administration), HTTA (Hawaii Technology Trade Association) and regional congresses.

He is the founder and member of the Management and Supervisory Board of the Serbian Business Consultants Association and author of numerous articles and columns on sales, marketing, management, leadership, change management and business improvement. In the last 14 years he has had the opportunity to lead hundreds of training programs.


Martina is a coach for public and media appearances, a business coach, a certified Hogan interpreter and coach, and a consultant in the field of creating a personal communicative style for managers and leaders. She is a sociologist, and for many years she has been in television news editorials as a journalist, editor and head of informative shows. She worked in the News of Croatian RTL television and on the regional business television Kapital Network. The hours spent editing the most watched information shows as well as a large number of live coverage represent a valuable experience that is the backbone of public performance training and media training. She has many years of work experience with employees at all company levels – through group training and facilitation processes, individual and team coaching, psychological assessment and profiling management (Hogan).

She graduated from one of the most famous academies for business coaching – the Academy of Executive Coaching (London). Along with the individual, she also completed the AoEC program for team coaching – Systemic Team Coaching. Martina is also the vice president of EMCC Croatia, a branch office of the European Association for Mentoring and Coaching, which has the purpose to develop professional and ethical standards in the field of coaching and mentoring in the world.

Marino Miloš

Prizes — Education

Marino is an agile and pragmatic HR practitioner with many years of experience in organizing a strategic HR function. He completed his studies in psychology in Zagreb in 1997 and a master’s degree in International Human Resources Management obtained in 2009 at Cranfield University (Great Britain).

He has built his professional expertise in the corporate sector, in the international (Central European) context of a large Croatian bank and a leading insurer. He has led or actively participated in numerous HR projects and initiatives (organizational transformation, building corporate culture, assessing development potential, identifying key talent, measuring and managing performance).

Today, he is an HR consultant and helps organizations as a reliable partner of the Management Board and HR who fully understands the business context and knows how to create and implement simple, customized and practical HR solutions.

Jasna Knez Anglo-Adria

Jasna Knez is a Master Trainer, Executive & Systemic Coach, Jungian Master Coach & supervisor and Embodied approach facilitator from Slovenia, with a broad range of business experience, understanding the company’s organisms, workplace relationships and human behaviour. She works with business professionals as well as other individuals and groups, with the aim of achieving wanted results and losing unproductive and sometimes destructive behavioral patterns.

Strongly passionate about helping to push the boundaries of what people can really become, in her work she uses an impactful combination of different modalities, techniques and methods: game, creative art techniques, Jungian, quantum, systemic and different cognitive approaches, mindfulness, contact improvisation and embodied approach. Jasna strongly believes in the power of positive energy and possibility for better future focusing on solutions, problem solving and developing potentials.

She is a part of the teaching and facilitating team in Expressive Arts Therapy Slovenia program, Expressive Arts in Coaching Istanbul ICF program  and Jungian Coaching Europe ICF accredited programs.   As a member she follows the EMCC and ICF Code of Ethics.

Jasna has a great amount of experience in leading and motivating teams that she has gained through a seven-year practice as coach/therapist and has ten years of top management experience. She attended the Deutscher Verband für Neurolinguistisches Programmieren Academy, gaining the title of NLP coach. She has specialized in the area of ​​developing group dynamics by becoming a coach and team development educator and a team training program within the European “Outdoor” network.

She is one of the founders of the Croatian Association of Personal Coaches, where she specialized in training for the use of EU Structural Funds, team training programs and coaching. Jasna is also a certified WingWave coach, and has also completed various education in personal and organizational development.

Blanka Lasic Anglo-Adria

Blanka has retail experience in the field of human potential with focus on educating and developing sales teams. Her passion for learning and development was directed through specialization in the area of ​​personal and organizational development, which soon became the focus of her work. With her actions she has an impact on improving team cooperation, internal communication, creating training standards, and designing and implementing new development plans. In addition to her assignments as specialist in the department of human resources, she took over the position and responsibility of the internal trainer for soft skills. She has had various education for personal and organizational development as well as the program for NLP practitioner and coach. She is also a certified Employer Branding Leader.

She also offers her support and contribution to the development of young people preparing for the labor market. He is a permanent guest lecturer at ZSEM where she teaches students the practice of human potential. As a lecturer and motivational speaker, she participates in projects and conferences such as Career Booster, Motivation Up, Inspire Me and Career Boot Camp.

Tihana is an EMCC coach, trainer and learning consultant. She has worked in leading global companies such as Allianz and Bayer at national and regional human development positions. She has upgraded her faculty professor diploma with two other internationally certified and become a coach (Oxford Coaching & Mentoring School) and an NLP Master, Richard Bandler. She was a member for several years of the Presidency of the Croatian Coaching Association, and she holds the Practicing Coaching and Mentoring Training Program several times a year in the Netherlands. She has over ten years of experience in education, and eight years in coaching and training of individuals, companies and associations.

She strives for excellence in every respect and believes that we are all a masterpiece. She contributes most to the topics of leadership, coaching, team development and organization, sales, communication and personal development.

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