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HR Assistant

What is „HR Assistant“?

By systematically monitoring and analysing the latest trends in the market of human resources, Anglo-Adria Management Consulting continuously improves its services. The latest result of our work in this field is a new service that is called „HR Assistant“. The goal of introducing this new service is to provide assistance to customers in modernizing the process of developing their own human resources whilst positively affecting business results.

Who is „HR Assistant“ intended for?

The new Anglo-Adria service „HR Assistant“ is primarily intended for small and medium enterprises that have the need for investing in the development of their employees and managers in a systematic and practical way, hence providing significant savings in the engagement of their own resources. The service is also suitable for large companies that want to have a reliable and professional partner in the field of human resources management.

What are the advantages of the „HR Assistant“ service?

The „HR Assistant“service is contracted for a period of one or two years. There are numerous advantages to our new service, and the most important ones include the following:

  • 35% lower prices of individual services (on average) compared to prices without the contracted service “HR Assistant”
  • Consulting (different options):
    • Making of the initial plan of HR development activities
    • Assistance in creating job systematization
    • Active participation in the selection process (managerial and expert positions)
    •  Assistance in conducting (semi) annual appraisals with employees
    •  Assistance in the development of the salary, reward system and additional services
  • Individual or team coaching in accordance with the agreed plan of activities
  • Training programs (approx. 100 topics) in accordance with the agreed plan of activities
  • Mentoring, monitoring the implementation of the action plan and regular reporting

Download the PDF brochure for more information:

Anglo-Adria HR Assistant 

For additional information and to arrange an appointment for the introductory meeting, call us on 01 463 7437 or send an inquiry to info@anglo- adria.com.

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