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Mladen Jović
Talent Development Manager

”It was my first time experiencing Team Coaching and I can definitely say, not the last one. Even though our coach was there to steer the conversation in the right way, it felt like a nice get together—us sharing our thoughts, views, and experiences and the coach there to ”open our eyes” to the things we didn’t see or understand fully. The most important part was the short & useful action plan that we implemented right away. Definitely suggest everyone to try Team Coaching – it can only help.”

Ivana Barić
Croatia Country Manager

“Anglo-Adria workshops and business education have been an integral part of our employees’ development for a long time. A tailored approach, extensive experience, and dedication of all trainers are the winning combination for successful collaboration.
We believe that the best way to success is knowledge, skills development, and employee motivation. With the help of the Anglo-Adria team, we have formed a six-month development program for heads, internal trainers, and managers in our call center (City Connect Academy). A set of workshops based on the everyday situations and tasks of our employees provide the necessary tools that are easily applied in further work. Through topics such as “Effective communication for heads” or “Creative problem solving and decision making”, they get valuable methods and techniques with which they manage their teams and results very successfully. I would especially like to emphasize the pleasant atmosphere and creative solutions that always result exclusively in the satisfaction of the participants, motivation for further improvement, and achievement of goals.
I sincerely recommending Anglo-Adria to any company that strives for better results, high employee motivation, new ideas, and approaches.”

Krunoslav Župan
Director of the Banking Corporate Center

“What I liked the most about the training workshop was its interesting perspective on negotiation, whilst the presented techniques are very useful in practice”.

mr. sc. Marko Dagelić
Director Customer Service Residential

“Through the many years of cooperation with Anglo-Adria, we have been given a reliable and flexible partner. Regardless from which department sector the employees were attending their sales and communication training sessions (whether IT/technical, commercial or other), the participants’ impressions were the same – specific, fresh and applicable knowledge and skills. In this regard, I can honestly recommend other that companies use their services.”

Miroslav Benak
Sales Sector Manager

“Anglo-Adria has conducted in-house sales training for us on topics of effective negotiations, key account management and sales complaint management. The trainings were adapted to our work in the sales of complex IT solutions. The methodology and the way of performing, through exercises, scenarios and case studies have provided us with an excellent source of concrete skills and knowledge that we will use in our work. Guided by an experienced trainer, and covering other topics that relate to the main topics of the training, we have obtained an excellent foundation for future work for all training participants. The tips and tricks presented to us will be useful to even people who are not in sales, but who in their work meet with customers either at a presales stage or at a later stage of support.”

Mia Kutić
HR Manager at Infobip

“We worked with Anglo-Adria as part of the education of Infobip’s sales staff. What we value from our associates is flexibility, and we received that from them, meaning an adapted approach and holding workshops at multiple locations and in English to adapt to the company’s environment. Also, an agreement about the organization of the education was achieved quickly and clearly, which means a great deal in a dynamic IT environment.”

Tina Turk Lupieri
HR Manager

“In Maistra, as the leading domestic tourism company, which systematically works to raise the level of services and improve employee competencies, it is of utmost importance for us to have quality partners. In addition to numerous basic requirements (expertise, flexibility in approach, combination of trainers with very specific necessary knowledge, work experience in the tourism sector, etc.), the special added value of Anglo-Adria is the shaping of development programs (Service Excellence trainings for different departments , sales skills, time management, leadership skills, feedback and alike).

Unlike the usual training, Anglo-Adria coaches are additionally preparing, collecting information on the context and participants, and all the programs are formed so that the coach is fully acquainted with the role of the participant and their real business situation. Trainings and workshops adapted precisely to their experiences and challenges leave a much greater impression on the participants and their effects are much stronger and more noticeable. After such a joint work, the participants are truly motivated to transfer the new knowledge and skills to their workplace behavior.

The powerful energy and enthusiasm invested in the preparation and execution of such programs are also passed on to the participants, especially because the program is not adapted only to Maistra and a particular group, but to every individual involved in a group, which we especially appreciate in our cooperation with Anglo-Adria.”

Sanja Šijanec
Head of Human Resources

As a recently privatised company, with completely new management, large investments and faced with the usual lack of time – we really did not know whether the training session „Expressing and Selling Yourself and Your Ideas“ would succeed to produce the desired results. And especially as it was being conducted in English language. However, the very well structured and informative content, the practical and simple presentation, and the very applicable examples and role situations impressed all my colleagues and kept us interested during the entire session. During the training, not only did we learn a lot of theory and useful tricks, but through the dynamic delivery of the workshops we forged more team spirit, and improved our daily cooperation by better knowing and understanding one another. And so this training was one of the rare pleasures, considering the ratio of how much we invested and consequently gained – suffice it to say that during our internal presentations we all often smile at some tricks, knowing they were learnt at this workshop. And is this not adopted and implemented knowledge? We can with full sincerity recommend these workshops and Anglo Adria Management Consuting, and especially for companies that require quality management training in English language, which is almost impossible to find in Croatia.”

Sandra Knežević
Department of Human Resources

“COLAS Croatia d.d., as one of the leading Croatian companies in the segment of civil engineering and asphalt production, performs specialized jobs so the necessary education and training cannot be found on the “shelves” of educational companies. In that field, Anglo-Adria has proven itself as a true professional for our specialized training called “Safety awareness and Starter Meetings”. They prepared content, practical exercises and presentation mode are fully tailored to our colleagues in the operating segment.

With Anglo-Adria, we also started a development program for our middle management, and in that case we got an individual approach and full commitment of coaches. During each workshop, a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere is provided, and the participants are most satisfied with the preparation of the coach and applying the knowledge acquired in everyday situations. We look forward to the same professional and quality cooperation with the Anglo-Adria team in the future.”

Jasminka Kovačić
Marketing Manager

“Professional, positive and applicable. This is how we would briefly describe our cooperation with Anglo-Adria. Our requirements for the held workshop were very specific so the content was fully adapted to our needs. I would particularly emphasize the exceptional preparation and understanding of the coach for a specific topic. Her dedication and flexibility and willingness not to stick to the schedule at certain moments, but to spontaneously adjust her knowledge and experience to open discussions, have given us answers to all the asked questions and gave us tools for possible ways to solve the challenges ahead. Through the two-day workshop we received more than we expected. With satisfied and motivated employees, we have opened doors to new ideas and approaches. There is no doubt we will see each other again.”

Višnja Božinović
Direktor Službe za podršku prodaji i edukaciju

„U zahtjevnoj poslovnoj godini, u kojoj je kompanija jedan od fokusa usmjerila na podizanje kvalitete rada prodajne mreže i upravljanja istom, svojim stručnim i profesionalnim te nadasve motivirajućim pristupom Anglo-Adria je imala veliku ulogu u promjeni svijesti djelatnika i usmjeravanju fokusa na zadane ciljeve i ostvarenje istih. Prilagodba našim potrebama te razumijevanje specifičnosti naše djelatnosti je svakako ono što krasi Anglo-Adriu i zbog čega izražavamo zadovoljstvo našom dosadašnjom suradnjom.”

Ida Martinjak
Trening i HR investiranje, Sektor za upravljanje ljudskim resursima

“We are the company that basis its strategy on excellence in service, quality and long-term relationship with our clients. We continuously invest in the development and training of our employees with clearly defined training objectives. Anglo-Adria is a company in which we find a professional and innovative partner in the training of the development of relationships with our  customers. Applicability of techniques and tools that are characterized by their workshops, as well as a holistic approach to implementation of training, regularly results in high participants satisfaction and their motivation for further development.”

Martina Roša
Senior Talent Development Manager

“Beginning with the common definition of the project and the organization’s needs, up to the realization itself, cooperation with the company Anglo-Adria was very professional, comfortable and extremely effective. We worked together to prepare an educational program to accelerate the development of our future leaders and to deliver programs for the development of newly-promoted leaders. Since both projects are of the utmost importance for our talent development strategy, expectations were very high. Anglo-Adria has in all respects justified our expectations and provided much more from the perspective of the Human Resources Department and from the perspective of our students.

We are particularly pleased with the flexibility of the Anglo-Adria team and the unconventional approach to education, which is based on the principle of “more practice, less theory” with emphasis on self-reflection. The participants especially praised the engagement and expertise of the coaches, and the applicability of the techniques they obtained in everyday work and beyond.”

Adi Hadžihalilović
Sales & Marketing Manager

“Anglo-Adria is completely different in its approach to business education– trainings were very professional, emotional and personalized, so that participants (sales and management staff) were fully motivated through an easy-going atmosphere at the workshop…

Afterwards, the participants were energized and motivated to apply their newly adopted techniques and tools.
This can be seen through our improved sales as well as through the Customer Satisfaction Index (measured through mystery shopping activities).

That is why I recommend Anglo-Adria training workshops to all fast-growing companies, so that they can also benefit from their practical use.”

Tihomir Brzica

“As a result of redesigning our business processes, staff training, and other activities, the overall efficiency of our customer service was increased by 23%, thereby producing additional revenue that far exceeded the cost of engaging the consultant. I am very satisfied by the professional service provided by the Anglo-Adria Management Consulting and I am using this opportunity to sincerely recommend their services to all companies seeking to increase sales, improve communication skills, and design better business processes.”

Aleksandra Miladinović

What I liked the most about the Train the Trainer course was the knowledge and experience of the trainer in practical exercises and preparation of participants own mini-trainings”.

Kristijan Došen
General Manager

“Anglo-Adria training is a real refresment in the Croatian training and consulting market.  Knowledge is being transferred in an extremely interesting and professional manner, in a very pleasant atmosphere. The lecturer adjusted his approach to the level of knowledge of the group. Training was practical, full of examples from his own practice, which proved to be very applicable to our business.

It is clear that the lecturer gained his experience at the very competitive London  training market, which gives it a great added value to the Croatian one. I fully recommend Anglo-Adria training programmes.”

Silvija Repić
Head of the Department of Education

“What impressed me when working with Anglo-Adria is the fact that their trainers really tried hard to understand the environment from which the student was coming from, as well as participants specific needs. The fact that atmosphere was relaxed and motivating proved to be a great thing. Trainers linked the theory and the practice through their own experiences, but also through the experience of the participants.

All this made training sessions very interesting, and acquired knowledge  proved to be appliacable in practice which is for us the most important thing. “

Blanka Lasić
HR Manager
HR Department

“It is a pleasure to work with the Anglo Adria team. The team is professional, competent and using interesting presentation methods. For them it was important to learn about the details of our business as well as the development needs of the group involved in educational programme. Our employees liked the fact that they came to the workshop being fully prepared and with practical examples, so the linkage between theory and practice was easy to follow. Communication  with Anglo Adria is clear, fast and efficient. Theyr are flexible in terms of extraordinary change, and such changes are implemented very smoothly. I would put the greatest emphasis on the various methods and techniques involved in workshops as well as the practical, applicable tools”.

Gordana Fabris
Director of Human Resources Valamar Hotels & Resorts and Director of Human Resources, Riviera Adria d.d.

“As the leading Croatian hospitality management company, Valamar continues to invest in human resources through its education plan that includes more than 20,000 hours of training per year. Anglo-Adria Management Consulting, as one of our partners, participate in achieving our goals of increasing the overall quality of service to guests by holding workshops in the area of ​​sales and complaints management. Feedback of the participants – our hotel directors, front desk managers and receptionists showed the high satisfaction with the workshops, their  practical applicability, professionalism, as well as the possibility of a combining both Croatian and English language during the workshop. Finally, our overall business results, surveys and mystery shopping activities show that in partnership with Anglo -Adria Management Consulting we managed to achieve our set training targets.”

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