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Team building with fun and developing new skills

Date 19.10.2022.

Teams are the strength of any organization. Strong teams move the organization, and push it towards its goals, on that journey, sometimes exhausting, all its participants continue to develop and...

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komunikacijske vjestine u restoranskom okruzenju

Communication skills in restaurant environment

Date 30.06.2022.

We can not to communicate. Even while we are silent, we communicate with body position, gaze, facial expressions ((). If our beliefs, values ​​do not match the values ​​and beliefs of the...

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Economic Clinic and Anglo Adria

Date 10.06.2022.

From the very beginning of our communication, a very interesting, initial self-initiative email started, where students of the Economic Clinic asked us if they would be willing to take the time to...

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Successfully Completed Sales Academy

Date 11.05.2021.

Participants from the company Novocommerce International completed the sales academy of 3 modules successfully and received their certificates with smiles on their faces. The academy lasted for 3...

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