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Negotiation Skills 1

"Negotiation is a subtle art and skill that can be perfected." Do you want to learn different negotiating techniques? Highlight yourself as the best negotiator.

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program is intended for everyone encounters on a daily basis business negotiation issues, sales and procurement employees, and those who want to improve internal bargaining (within the company).

Training objectives

The purpose of the training program is to train participants on the structure of the negotiating process, the core categories in negotiation and to raise awareness of negotiation and different types of negotiators.

Workshop content

  • The difference between negotiation and price-fixing
  • Architecture of the negotiation process
  • Five principles of strategic bargaining
  • The basic categories of the negotiation process – alternatives, “obligations”, concessions
  • Harvard negotiation techniques
  • “Hard-ball” negotiating tactics
  • Negotiating with different types of interlocutors.