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Effective mentoring

"A mentor is someone who cares, invests, teaches, develops, praises, criticizes, opens new views to the world, and all with the goal of developing and making employees independent. He is a mentor and a role model, and his role carries a great responsibility for what he will say to his employees and HOW he will say it."

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program is intended for all levels of management, team and project managers and everyone who has taken over new functions, jobs and positions.


Training objectives

At the training sessions, participants will be introduced to the mentoring model in order to enhance the efficiency and development of their associates. They will master all the steps needed to introduce a mentoring program to the company: building relationships, determining directions, raising awareness and measuring progress, becoming independent and phases of the mentoring program as well.

Workshop content

  • Mentoring – basic concepts
  • The structure of the mentoring program – the phase of the mentoring relationship
  • Group work – recognizing the current practice and defining specific needs, discussion
  • Characteristics of a good mentoring program
  • Ethics – rules in mentoring
  • useful tools for mentoring sessions
  • First meeting and agreement
  • The basics of coaching
  • Set of questions for the mentor and employees
  • Exercise in the triads
  • Defining problems and goals
  • The target/action tree
  • Defining priorities
  • Positive thinking and application in practice
  • Group work – introducing positive practices, oriented towards employee development
  • Understanding and changing habits – attitude towards an experience
  • Creating a mentoring plan (training)
  • Giving feedback.