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Conflict management

"Only imperfection complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the gentler and silent we become, we become more gentle and quieter regarding the imperfections of others." (Connie Merritt)

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program is intended for the staff of various departments because it addresses the internal and external causes of conflict, leaders of major departments and teams, coordinators, project managers and recruitment staff (various service and contact centers).

Training objectives

The goal of the training is to empower participants to respond effectively to demanding business situations that involve communicating with others, giving them the knowledge and skills that will enable them to know in advance how to manage their behavior and reactions in a calmer manner in typical conflict situations.

Workshop content

  • Why can communication be ineffective? – Traps leading to conflict
  • Defining conflicts, damages, and benefits of a conflict situation – How to predict them, identify and react?
  • Conflict categories and four typical conflict situations
  • The basic conflict model
  • Conflict and possible behavior/response strategy
  • Conflict resolution styles – flexibility with regard to the goal
  • Transactional conflict analysis
  • The Harvard negotiating technique in resolving conflicts
  • Women and men in a conflict situations
  • Third party intervention in resolving conflicts
  • Communicating emotions in conflict
  • Types of personalities in communication – preventing the escalation of conflict
  • A phased conflict prevention model
  • My personal conflict “profile”
  • Management of aggressive behavior and vulgar language
  • Concluding a conflict in a constructive way.