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Managing Challenging People

"You are responsible for solving problems with people. Because your relationship depends on their relationship too, you have the kind of workers you deserve. "

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program “Managing Challenging People” is intended for managers who face different problems in managing their subordinates and anyone who wants to learn more about certain behavioural phases.

Training objectives

Leaders exist just because they cannot do their own job. That is why they need subordinates to entrust certain tasks. Their success depends on the success of their subordinates and therefore, they are very vulnerable. Subordinates can destroy or help them become even more successful, and therefore they depend on each other. Leading enthusiastic, obedient and hardworking subordinates is easy. But not all subordinates are very obedient and hard working. Good leaders need to learn to lead troubled, disobedient and lazy workers. The approach/technique taught through training includes helpful advice on the general approach to people, not just problematic employees.

Workshop content

  • Correct and misleading opinions about problematic people
  • Different approaches to managing problematic people
  • Examples of leading people through behavioural approaches
    • Petty Rudi
    • Quiet Slavko
    • Unhappy Mila
    • Lazy Lina
    • Indecisive Vesna
    • Bragging Bili
  • Key points of approaching behaviour
  • Individual phases of behavioural approach (8 phases)
  • Counselling and disciplinary action
  • Time organization and delegation.



Managing challenging people

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