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Team Leading 3 – Strategic Planning

"Strategic planning will help the organization focus on its vision and priorities in relation to the changing environment and ensure that members of the organization work to achieve the same goals."

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training is intended for high and middle management, controllers, planning specialists and key personnel.


Training objectives

To become familiar with activities in the planning process: analytical techniques of the external and internal environment, the process of examining and defining strategic intentions and choosing a strategy, features and components of the operational plans, methods of selecting goals, measures and metrics, their quantification, and how to learn (individually and organizationally) and motivate with the help of plans. We will learn how to predict, organize, select and position people, define key initiatives and activities, plan material and non-material resources, and convert initiators into figures and percentages, meaning create a financial plan (budget).

Workshop content

  • Introduction (Sun Tzu – art of war)
  • Internal and external environment analysis (PESTLE, activity, market, competition, vulnerability, current organization, historical results and indicators)
  • Strategic intent examination (mission – values ​​- vision – core values ​​- long term goals) and selecting the main and supporting strategies
  • Creating a strategic panel (competitive factors) and strategic folders (key activities and initiatives that are the driving force behind the results)
  • Assessment of development opportunities, strategic position and risk
  • Organizational planning structure
  • Design (or adaptation) of the model of key drivers and performance indicators
  • Planning key investments and measuring the expected financial performance of the investments.

The practical part consists of exercises carried out by work in teams and the works are presented and compared in the form of a dialogue:

  1. Analysis of the external and internal environment (PESTLE, maturity of the economic branch)
  2. Creating panels of competing factors
  3. SWOT
  4. Creation of a strategic map.