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Mladen Jančić

Mladen Jancic Anglo-Adria

Mladen is a founder of Anglo-Adria Management Consulting, a leading regional training consultancy where he works as a trainer,  coach and a speaker. His expertise is in the fields of sales, negotiation and leadership.  He holds a postgraduate degree in economics from London Metropolitan University, being also Harvard certified.

He gained his experience whilst working in the City of London for over 10 years, and in the SEE region during previous 15 years.  Over that period he led over 200 L&D programs, whilst conducting 900+ training workshops, in various sectors/industries.

He is a certified management consultant (at CMC and UNIDO), and a coach (at AoEC and EMCC).  Mladen is also a laureate of “Primus” – an award for the best management consultant in Croatia in the field of human resources, education and training. He is a columnist for the Croatian business magazine and a lecturer at the business academy.

He lives in Zagreb, with his wife and son.

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