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Jasna Knez

Jasna Knez Anglo-Adria

Jasna Knez is a Master Trainer, Executive & Systemic Coach, Jungian Master Coach & supervisor and Embodied approach facilitator from Slovenia, with a broad range of business experience, understanding the company’s organisms, workplace relationships and human behaviour. She works with business professionals as well as other individuals and groups, with the aim of achieving wanted results and losing unproductive and sometimes destructive behavioral patterns.

Strongly passionate about helping to push the boundaries of what people can really become, in her work she uses an impactful combination of different modalities, techniques and methods: game, creative art techniques, Jungian, quantum, systemic and different cognitive approaches, mindfulness, contact improvisation and embodied approach. Jasna strongly believes in the power of positive energy and possibility for better future focusing on solutions, problem solving and developing potentials.

She is a part of the teaching and facilitating team in Expressive Arts Therapy Slovenia program, Expressive Arts in Coaching Istanbul ICF program  and Jungian Coaching Europe ICF accredited programs.   As a member she follows the EMCC and ICF Code of Ethics.

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