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Team innovation and creativity

"In today's market, the people that succeed are open, creative and flexible, with a clear goal and will power. Creativity is not something that we have or do not have - it is not a feature, but a potential competency that develops with effort, time and know-how."

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program is intended for employees who are expected to approach problems on a daily basis and successfully reach their goals.

Training objectives

The goal of the training is to activate the creative attitude of participants in approaching challenges, and then to raise awareness of themselves and others in the domain of innovation styles. The ultimate goal is to encourage the use of their own, team and organizational creative capacities, and to learn new, immediately applicable creative techniques and innovation processes.

Workshop content

  • Personal examples – breaking myths about creativity
  • Creativity – being (adopting a creative attitude), knowing how – the creative process, start acting creatively
  • Model “5 I” of creativity – creativity as a competence
  • Innovation and creativity – concepts, organizational implications and differentiation
  • Discovering an Innovation Style
  • Shapirov’s model of a creative team – How to create it?
  • 4 stages of innovation
  • Creativity techniques for specific situations
  • Disney’s creativity strategy
  • Six thinking hats – problem-solving techniques, meeting ideas and making decisions – creativity in the team
  • Creative climate and attitude in the team / organization – factors that the leader can influence
  • Motivation for creative work – a personal goal.