Rhetoric and presentation skills

"Speech should be like a woman's skirt - long enough to cover important, and short enough to attract attention and explain the most important." (Winston Chruchill)

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program “Rhetoric and presentation skills” is intended for heads of departments, sector directors, members of the board and all those who often conduct meetings in their work, present ideas and present the results of their teams or departments and alike.


Training objectives

With the training, students will gain practical skills and knowledge in the field of rhetoric, public performance and presentation skills. They will know how to structure their presentation, prepare for a particular situation and group to present, observe, and manage the audience's dynamics, as well as how to lead themselves, control frustration and maintain a high level of own positive energy during this. It is possible to perform the same training program as a one-day program, without a video recording of the participants.

Workshop content

  • A review of advanced knowledge in the preparation and implementation of public performances and presentations
  • Principles and techniques for a successful presentation
  • Effective body language and speech skills for a successful presentation
  • Proper use of voice, improving tone – impact on presentation dynamics
  • How to be persuasive and how to listen? – Key skills
  • Preparing business presentations
  • Fear and stage fright
  • Structure of business presentation
  • Logic, passion, persuasiveness – 3 pillars to achieve the goal
  • Group dynamics management and potentially conflicting situations
  • Attention, perception and evaluation – processes during the presentation
  • PowerPoint tips & hints – Be prepared for everything
  • Spatial situation – How to adjust?
  • Practical video part – recording and analyzing the recordings of the participants.


Presentation Skills

Rhetoric and presentation skills

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