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Managing Client Complaints

"The most common reason for losing customers who really looked interested in buying is that the seller did not listen enough."

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program is primarily intended for sales staff, sales managers and people who come into contact with clients and respond to their inquiries.

Training objectives

The main goal of the training is to raise the level of self-confidence of the participants in the context of providing adequate and sophisticated responses to the most frequent sales complaints, thereby affecting the success of sales results.

Workshop content

  • Types of sales complaints, interlocutor’s goals and our approach
  • Types of questions – What is behind them?
  • Why does a complaint not have to be a complaint?
  • Types of sellers – how to manage yourself in this role?
  • Types of customers – adjusting the approach in order to achieve the goal
  • Fundamental complaints and a constructive approach to answering
  • Price complaints and feedback techniques
  • Delay complaints and ways to respond
  • Content complaints and ways to react to them
  • Loyalty complaints and how to prevent them
  • Hidden complaints – How to recognize them and use them for sales?