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Effective business communication

"Although its role is often neglected, effective and successful communication is the difference between productivity and chaos in work. There are basic skills to ensure that others understand us, but we often ignore them in everyday rushes. "

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program “Effective business communication” is intended for all employees who want to improve their communication skills and those who want to understand and improve their communication style and learn how to adapt more effectively to the different communication styles of others.


Training objectives

The purpose of the training is to learn how to be successful in contact and conversations with various people, avoiding common communication obstacles. The goal is to raise awareness of one’s self, the interlocutors and the context of the conversation, own behaviours and the results they lead to, and to further develop the competence of shaping clear messages, quality listening and specific communication skills for different situations. Interferences and obstacles in communication - How to identify and avoid them?

Workshop content

  • 3 foundations of successful communication
  • Getting familiar with basic communication styles
  • Awareness of one’s own communication style – the first step towards success
  • “Reading” others (communication styles) – the key to flexibility
  • Assessment of personal styles and insight into areas for improvement
  • Assertive communication – a skill for success
  • “E-mails” (vs. “you” and “me” messages) and an assertive sentence
  • Reacting in challenging situations – exercises and conclusions
  • How to positively influence verbal and nonverbal communication
  • “Coordinating” with the interlocutor – the purpose, the benefit, and the way
  • Leading and monitoring the interlocutor by communicating for the purpose of achieving the goal
  • Understanding others perspectives and adapting their own approach
  • “Active listening” as a pillar of successful communication, solving problems and building quality relationships
  • Setting communication – applying techniques for every day and demanding conversations/situations
  • “Yes-set” and hierarchy of concepts – “small secrets of great masters”
  • Successful communication with a demanding interlocutor
  • Preparing “real” questions for reaching the goal (information, causes of problems, ideas, solutions …)
  • Setting your own development goals in this area.


Business Communication

Effective business communication

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