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Analysis and Problem Solving

"Would you like to learn to think outside the box (like Dr. House)? Then this is a real training for you. "

Sasa Vasung Anglo-Adria


Saša Vasung

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program is intended for all employees who have the need to solve complex problems by finding and eliminating causes on a daily basis, and is particularly useful for project managers, development engineers, quality controllers, technical support and people working in production, marketing and sales.

Training objectives

Each of us instinctively resolves different types of problems in our everyday life: at work, in the family, in school, in interaction with other people. Although it may not be obvious, the ability to effectively solve problems is one of the most important human skills that involve analytical and creative thinking, logic, initiative, persistence, teamwork, and quality communication with other people.In the training you will learn:• How to recognize and identify the problem? • How to collect the information needed to solve the problem? • How to determine the most likely cause of the problem? • How to make a decision about the most efficient way of solving the problem? • How to implement a solution?

Workshop content

  • Types of problems and their characteristics
  • Definition and description of the problem
  • Methods and tools for solving problems
  • Collection strategies for key information
  • Mental process of information processing
  • Exercises to encourage creative and lateral thinking
  • The method of finding the main cause
  • Making a decision on how to remove the main cause
  • Verification of results
  • Seven basic steps in the problem solving process
  • Workshops: teamwork on concrete examples.