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The Development Path of the Seller – Stage 2

Having explained what the salesperson looks like in the first development phase in the last column, today we move on to the second development phase. At this stage, the salesperson still uses the word “I,” but unlike the first stage, he is more confident in the unknown and does not rely solely on acquaintances. In the second phase, the seller uses sales tricks and “shuffles the buyer”, thinking that it is good to talk as much as possible in the shortest possible time. With a lot of talking, he listens a little to the customer and does not pay attention to the customer’s needs, but to the goal of selling something. Also, he still talks more about the characteristics of the product it sells, rather than what the customer gets with that product.

His way of selling sounds like he’s telling the customer, “Trust me, that’s good.”

The seller at this stage focuses on current sales, not looking at how this will show up in the future through customer satisfaction or re-cooperation. The most important thing for him is to achieve an immediate, short-term result. The goal of this type of seller is to “roll in” as many products as possible and thus achieve a result that will be shown numerically in later measurements.

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