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HR Strategies and Trends

"The ultimate responsibility for managing human resources is solely on managers. Therefore, an important factor in the success of each company is full commitment and support of high management as well as adequate training of all levels of managers for human resource management. "

Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program is designed for middle and senior management who want to improve their knowledge in the field of human resources management, managers and employees in human resource management departments and people who want to improve their knowledge in the field of human resources management.


Training objectives

The role of human resources management today is becoming more and more strategic, and not just administrative. Qualified people make it easier for organizations to adapt to change and achieve business success in the market. Modern human resource experts create and implement systems in line with company goals, and they train and support human resource management managers.The purpose of this training is to offer advanced knowledge and tools to easily analyze the organization internally, evaluate how well all of its elements are matched to each other and to what extent they meet the requirements of the environment, while supporting the competitive advantage.

Workshop content

  • The strategic role of HR in an organization’s management process
  • The relationship between strategy and human resources management
  • Strategic tools in the process of creating an organizational strategy
  • Analysis of the human resources portfolio
  • Organizational climate vs. organizational culture
  • Development of engagement with employees of an organization
  • Development tools for human potential.