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Consultative Telesales

The content of the training clearly and simply leads the participants through each phase of the sales conversation.

Marko Jurić Anglo-Adria


Marko Jurić

Who is the workshop intended for?

It is intended for anyone who uses the telephone as a sales channel.

Training objectives

The purpose of the program is to acquire advanced skills and knowledge a in the field of telemarketing. Training content is simplified in order to lead the participants through each stage of the sales conversation.

Workshop content

• types of buyers
• what does the buyer actually wants?
• listening for sales professionals
• why does misunderstanding in the telephone communication happens?
• power of persuasion
• the art of asking the right questions
• assists the byer with selecting a product / service
• models of sales argumentation
• selling diferential benefits
• the most common sales objections in consultative sales and how to manage them