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Introduction to Project Management

"A well planned and implemented project will not only save time and money for your business but will improve your credibility as projects will end within the timeframe and budget."

Who is the workshop intended for?

The programme is intended for project managers, heads of departments, business analysts and specialists from various organisational departments.

Training objectives

The main objective of the training is to identify the components of the process - from an idea in the beginning to the full realization of the project activities, as well as to familiarise itself with best practices in the field of project management. Through interaction, examples and exercises, workshop participants will learn the elements of projects, in order to to maximize success, learn how to avoid/minimise any issues along the way.

Workshop content

  • project phases
  • project approach
  • managing project stakeholders
  • Critical Path Analysis (CPA) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) methods
  • best practice examples
  • successfully avoiding and dealing with problems
  • conclusion of the project.