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Basic Elements of a Performance Management System


Who is the workshop intended for?

The training program “Basic Elements of a Performance Management System” is primarily intended for HR practitioners whose main responsibility is to develop appropriate HR metrics and design a system for measuring employee performance, and to develop and upgrade advanced HR functions. In addition to them, operational managers can also benefit from the workshop as it will provide them with a broader insight into individual performance measurement systems, and will also clarify the concepts of competencies and the Balanced Scorecard.

Training objectives

The basic goal of the training program is to clarify the methodology of the employee performance management system and to teach how to improve employee productivity by introducing it. Also, the basic elements of an efficient and fair annual evaluation system will be analyzed, and the relationship between individual performance and the realization of the organization's strategic goals will be discussed. The training program will present the basic metrics of the system, and the case study will propose solutions that are consistent with other elements of the human resource management system. In addition to the structured presentation of the lecturers, which will set the framework for further activities of the group, key ideas and concepts will be analyzed through constant interaction and exchange of experiences, using case studies and targeted analyzes, encouraging group discussion and team presentations.

Workshop content

  • what are the basic elements of an effective performance management system
  • set a consistent competency framework for individual positions
  • define appropriate goals and standards of individual performance
  • What are the three basic stages of the performance management process
  • how to give timely and objective feedback
  • how to apply the Balanced Scorecard concept to HR activities
  • explaining the advantages and disadvantages of a 360-degree feedback system
  • how to independently create, set up and implement the annual evaluation process
  • what is the role of managers in individual employee performance
  • what is the connection between the performance of individuals and the realization of the strategic goals of the organization
  • what performance management tools are available and how to use them effectively
  • what are the current alternatives to the standard annual evaluation process?



Human resources

Basic elements of a performance management system